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Company Description

Advancing Eco Agriculture has been helping farmers make more money with regenerative agriculture since 2006.

Advancing Eco Agriculture delivers results.
On farms in California, our programs have increased fruit size by 12%, and grown the highest quality crops with the highest yields, for greater profits!

How do AEA products work?
Unlike conventional ag fertility products, AEA fertilizer products are not pure water solubles. The ions do not all dissolve in the solution, meaning these products are available for plant uptake in a way that soluble ion fertilizers are not.

The chelating technology used to manufacture AEA products avoids denaturing the molecular makeup of the ingredients and retains the valuable synergistic interactions that occur naturally in the ore, enabling crops to optimally utilize the minerals.

How is AEA effective?
We identify limiting factors such as irrigation water quality and soil tillage practices, and use plant sap testing technology to pinpoint nutrient imbalances. To correct the underlying cause of problems, we implement custom programs with our cutting edge products designed to increase mineral availability to plants.

Our team combines extensive knowledge in plant pathology, entomology, plant physiology, and agronomy to customize nutritional programs for specific crops and soil types.

AEA Products and Programs Maximize Economic Returns By:
Increasing marketable yield per acre
Improving the key quality metrics of fruit size, firmness, and flavor
Reducing harvest labor requirements by increasing fruit size, consistency, and uniformity
Providing solutions to difficult insect and disease problems

We work with hundreds of commercial farmers throughout North and South America. Our research and development team is continually developing and testing new product formulations and addressing new challenges growers face in today’s agriculture. Work with our constantly innovating team to stay at the leading edge of nutritional diagnostic technology and crop solutions!

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