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Company Description

PBS engineers and manufactures custom pre-engineered steel buildings.  Whatever building size and configuration works best for our clients is what we provide.  Our goal is the have the best quality product and the best customer service of any manufacturer in our industry,  all at a competitive price.
Since we are a manufacturer (not a contractor), we do not install the building.  If you already know a contractor that you like, great;  if not, we can recommend some good building erectors for you.  PBS manufactures to the greatest extent possible, meaning we do everything possible here in our factory, to make the installation easier and faster (and less expensive) for our customers.

PBS is not a broker….we actually do the design work, the drafting, and all the fabrication work right here in our Woodburn, OR plant.  We have been here doing this work since 1962, so this is our 55th year of successful manufacturing of steel buildings.  We also sell components, so if you don’t need a new building, but just some parts for repair or remodeling work, give us a call, we can help with that too.  We have our own Purlin Mill, Standing Seam roofing line, and a full trim shop, all to compliment our fabrication shop, so we can build any parts you may need.

If you are in the market for a high quality building, you found the right company.  So don’t buy a cheap building from a broker, or back east somewhere, or south of the border…. Buy it from a quality company making all the parts right here, locally, and help us all to keep busy!  Buy Local!

Please visit our websites:

For any Commercial Building inquiries, contact: Sandy Trahan                                                                                           

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